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Reviews of the Top 10 Best Lesbian Dating Sites

If you are a female looking for the right online dating websites to find a relationship with lesbian, bisexual or bicurious females, then look no further than these ten popular and great websites specifically for lesbian women to connect and meet on a safe and hassle-free sites.

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The Best Local Lesbian Dating Sites to Find a Partner

Perhaps you’ve heard so many stories about online dating and even worse about lesbian dating sites over 50. Lesbian services are no longer only about hook-ups nowadays (though that may be what you’re looking for and is available). With the changing times, it’s easy to know whom you’re being matched with and avoid being matches with people you don’t like.

To help you find love using dating platforms as a woman, you can join some of the best platforms and connect with other lesbians. Most are created mainly for women looking for women to love. Some have been tried by lesbians and have proven successful.

These services allow you to meet people from anywhere you are. They are platforms that will give you an edge when it comes to dating when you're looking forward to finding the next hot lesbian girl to date.

LebsbieMates logo


Lesbiemates.com is a dating site specifically for women who reside in the United States. It is an excellent place to find a local woman to have fun with at night. You'll find women who have different motives about relationships on this dating site. Some of which include; Casual sex, online flirting, long-term relationship, and a one-night stand.

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Lesly app

Lesly is an all-inclusive app that will sort all your dating needs. With this dating app, you’ll find exceptional pleasure and excitement in your life. This app enables you to chat and make new friends. Lesly is also perfect if you’re looking for lesbian romance and is a trustworthy and secure for singles to interact with one another.

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Pinksofa.com is a site entirely for lesbian and bisexual women. Here you'll find a women from Europe, Canada, Australia, USA, and worldwide. This is also one of the platforms that allow members to have discussions on different forums. This site has FAQs page where you can go and know more about the site.

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Weareher.com has the most outstanding features compared to other dating platforms. Users can upload messages and photos as they create their profiles. Dating has a different part for a news feed of the LGBT community. Members can start discussions, check events in their location, send links, and connect with women worldwide.

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Pinkcupid.com is for bi-curious women and lesbian dating. Its goal is to give single women a platform to find love. It provides women with a chance to share their sexual desires and homosexuality in a safe and secure space that will enable them to find long-term relationships. The site encourages lesbian women to show who they are.

Are Local Lesbian Dating Sites Different from Typical Sites?

Local platforms are different from regular platforms in some ways. In most of these dating sites, you can display your best features like interests and your best photos. In some, you can display up to 30 photos for premium membership and only three photos for basic membership.

Many platforms allow you to post ant status updates you may wish to share. A good example is where the chit chat feature enables you to share any topic you like. Moreover, many local lesbian platforms allow their users to like or leave a comment on one another’s posts, which is an excellent way to start communicating with a person for lesbians who don't enjoy face-to-face conversations.

Privacy and security are vital in most local services, especially if you want to be anonymous and want to hide anytime you're online. Again, you can have the privilege to monitor who sees your status, images, and more in some local sites.

Different ways to Succeed on Local Dating Sites for Lesbian

There are different ways you can increase your chances of finding love on local services for lesbians without becoming exhausted;

Identify your reason for choosing a dating site for lesbians. Check if your reasons include boredom, anxiety, or loneliness. Some people may decide to use dating sites for entertainment and socializing purposes or improve self-esteem and excitement. You should always be truthful with yourself.

Another thing that will make you succeed on local online platforms for lesbians is your real self. It is okay to want to showcase yourself in the best manner possible. However, if you start hiding some characters and interests that you're afraid will be taken as unfavorable, you limit your chances of succeeding in dating. The objective is to connect with singles that will merge perfectly with you.

Minimize the time you spend on services and the number of people you interact with at a particular time. Note that online dating is created to be addictive, and you may spend time clicking or signing up for subscriptions or other features.

Are there Any Best Local Lesbian Dating Sites?

Most dating platforms are good though some are effective and secure compared to others. An excellent dating site should make it easy for you to find a perfect match. You don't have to scroll for a long time before you find a good match.

If you're living in a small town, an excellent local dating site should help you find like-minded women near you. Whether you're looking for something extraordinary or want to have fun, the best local dating sites should have your back.

You have to play your part in knowing who is flirting and who is being nice. Girls like talking much when they're drunk. An excellent dating site should enable you to know who you're speaking to and what their intention is.

For introverts, the best local services give you room to break the silence and start communicating before meeting in person. It allows first dates to be easier when you know a little about the person.

What are Some Lesbian Dating Stereotypes People Misunderstand?

Here are some misconceptions people have when it comes to dating;

  • Lesbians don’t like men: This is untrue because most women have many men friends, and they interact so well with women and guys.
  • Dating a lesbian is much easy than dating a heterosexual because you share the same gender with the person. This is untrue because most of the time, women don't understand their own emotions.
  • There must be a man and a woman in all lesbian relationships: This is a lie because some lesbians are all feminine. Other couples comprise of women who are both masculines. The same as straight couples, lesbians are cautious about their personality.

Which Are the Best Places to Look for Lesbian Singles?

Lesbian singles hang in different places offline, such as in bars and clubs. However, you can find them on sites if you want to meet different kinds of lesbians near your area or from other parts of the world.

However, if you want to meet them physically, you can try;

Evening classes: Most evening classes are about interaction and an excellent way to meet lesbians with whom you share something in common. They can be cooking or dancing lessons.

Volunteering: Different companies plan for volunteering events for singles who support charities and can lead to romance for the volunteers.

Why you Should Join Local Dating Sites for Lesbian in the US

Local dating platforms in the US have become to be popular though not everyone is involved. Lesbian women all over the US are seeking to have a relationship with other women using platforms for lesbians. This will prevent you from having playful relationships with women who may waste your time.

Our platforms for lesbians in the US are full of mature and wise women worth connecting with. Therefore, if you feel like you want to get started on dating, you should register in one of the best local dating sites for women in the United States and increase your chances of finding a great match. It's kind of you to boost your luck in love.

With platforms, essential things in life should be given a chance. So, if you're tired of waiting for the right woman to come into your life, register with platforms in the U.S. These platforms have a devoted customer care crew who are ready to handle all your questions. So, take control of your love life and sign up with any sites for lesbians in the US and find the lady of your dreams.


Getting started on platforms can be challenging but not as tricky as finding love on services for over 50. It gets hard when most platforms cater to straight people and require in-depth swiping to find the woman to who you're attracted to.

Whether you're gay, bisexual, lesbian, everyone deserves a site that doesn't limit their sexuality. If you're a single lesbian and looking for someone with the same interest, join a dating site today. New members should create a profile and add a photo, and they'll start to enjoy services from lesbian platforms.


Are Local Lesbian Dating Sites Safe?

Local dating platforms are safe as long as you observe all the dating rules.

Who’s on Local Dating Sites for Lesbian?

Local dating sites for lesbians comprise straight women seeking relationships.

How do local lesbian dating sites work?

Local platforms require someone to register and create a profile and include a good photo to start enjoying the services.
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