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Reviews of the Top 10 Best Lesbian Dating Sites

If you are a female looking for the right online dating websites to find a relationship with lesbian, bisexual or bicurious females, then look no further than these ten popular and great websites specifically for lesbian women to connect and meet on a safe and hassle-free sites.

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Found the Best Lesbian Dating Sites for Teenagers?

Lesbian dating sites are for anyone who is a woman interested in dating another woman. If you a bisexual woman, you can too come and register on the website. As far as teenagers go, all they want is something fast and efficient. We have come up with a list of dating sites with aesthetic looks optimized for all operating systems and honest members. Online lesbian dating platforms work efficiently in finding a partner near your area.

Which website is the best? That will depend on what you want from your partner and what kind of relationship you are interested in. We will take you through a tour of some of the optimal dating sites for lesbian teenagers and then mention why they are worth a shot. Also, at the end of this article, we will mention the best among the list provided and why. Keep reading.

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It is one of the best websites for lesbians right now. The name suggests exactly what you need. It is all about lesbian teenagers dating:

  • Includes only lesbian and bisexual women
  • Men are members only if they want bisexual dating
  • Some fake profiles have been reported
  • You can date lesbian sugar-mama
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Another website from the same creators as the previous makers. Similar to the other lesbian teenagers dating sites, you can find countless lesbians:

  • Focused lesbian teenagers and bisexual dating
  • Most members are looking for long-term relationships
  • A few men-profiles have been reported
  • Annoying profiles can be blocked
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Pinkcupid.com will make you crazy in love like the Roman God of Love (Cupid). Everything is sweet and sugary for lesbian teenagers on the website:

  • Instant messaging
  • You can download the free app
  • You can text and chat only when you pay
  • 28,000 new members every month
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Weareher.com is an award-winning app created for the LGBTQ+ community. Here you can raise your voice and share a concern or write a fun thing about lesbian teenagers dating and find amazing members:

  • Fake profiles are minimum
  • Amazing and modern design
  • Remain up-to-date with queer news
  • Write blogs
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With a high number of teenagers aged 13-19 years old, this website is quite popular as a social media networking area to meet and hang out:

  • Not focused on lesbians
  • Fast processing of profiles
  • Fake profiles have been reported
  • You can view photos and videos for free


How Different Are Lesbian Dating Sites for Teenagers?

Lesbian dating platforms for teenagers focus on lesbians to find another teenage lesbian partner. In comparison, traditional dating sites do not have any focused dating. They allow you to date anyone who is single and in your area.

It can be a straight partner or belong to the LGBTQ+ community. And to find out if the person you like is lesbian teenagers or not and is interested in dating or not is a challenge. Following is a comparison:

Feature Lesbian dating site Typical dating site
Dating type Focused on lesbians and bisexuals All
Pricing Some of the sites could be slightly higher than typical ones Usually cheap and affordable
Members Women and transgenders Men and women (usually men > women)
Fake profiles Lower Usually higher than focused dating platforms

That is a comparison table between a lesbian dating site for teenagers and a typical website. The design and aesthetics of the website doesn’t depend on the dating type.

Tips to Be Successful on Teenagers Lesbian Dating Sites

To be successful on a lesbian dating site for teenagers, you need to follow what the website asks you to especially when it comes to description and profile. Here are a few tips to be successful:

  • Upload 5-7 pictures and do not upload selfies and group pictures. Please avoid inappropriate pictures as it will lead to disabling your account;
  • The description should be short and within the word limit. Skip the grammar and stick to short phrases;
  • Do your research before you join the website especially look for 3rd party reviews and ratings;
  • Make sure you are online so that your online status will make people text you and your profile will get more views;
  • Use your free chats wisely. Usually, the free chats are limited to 5 or 10. Text the people you connect with after reading about them;
  • Try to upload videos, too, as that will attract members.

Which is the Best Lesbian Dating Site for Teenagers?

After going through the above-given list, you need to decide and choose one for yourself. A lesbian dating site for teenagers should be chosen based on the following:

  • Google or other search engine ratings
  • Previous members and their testimonials (make sure you read the negative ones too)
  • The website should be optimized and fast
  • Must have good matching services
  • Free services should be worthwhile
  • Whether the website has focused on lesbian teenagers dating or not

Based on those features, Pinkcupid.com is the best among the given list. It is the oldest and the most popular among the given platforms. Given its 350,000 members and an online member number of 28,000, this website is undoubtedly the best.

Also, the website has a narrowed dating range that is the lesbian and bisexual women only. The number of fake profiles is under control and is being monitored.

Teenagers Lesbian Stereotypes

As a teenage lesbian, it is hard to fight the misconceptions and myths that fly around:

  • Early sexual experience makes you lesbian teenagers- this is a myth. The reason is that the early sexual experiences heighten what they have been feeling.
  • Know the cause of sexual orientation - no, that is a lie. We do not know the cause why a person is straight, lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual. There is no particular reason found yet medically.
  • Specific mannerisms - the specific mannerisms belong to individual people and do not tell us anything about their sexual orientation.

Where to Look for Lesbian Teenagers Singles?

You can look for lesbian teenager singles online. Online dating websites are your best bet to go looking for lesbian teenagers singles around your city. Here are a few other places you can look for:

  • Couples Parks
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • LGBTQ+ clubs

Those are some other places you can find a date, but the chances of finding your perfect lesbian partner when you are actively looking out for them are quite slim. Also, when you are actively looking for a partner in the places mentioned above, you might seem desperate.

Teenagers Lesbian Dating Sites in the US

Teenager lesbian teenagers dating platforms in the US are growing by the day. They are becoming more and more popular among the LGBTQ+community since it is specifically made for lesbians and bisexuals. Since this one is limited LGBTQ+ community, the number of fake profiles is less than typical websites.

If you are a lesbian in the US looking to revamp your dating life, one of the dating mentioned above platforms is your best bet. Teenagers like things fast and efficiently, and they also love to experiment. This is the age when they will know about their sexuality and accept it. That is where the lesbian teenagers dating sites come in handy. Here you can experiment as much as you can, but only when it comes to bisexuality and lesbianism.

Before you choose a dating website, make sure you do your research and be sure about it before buying a membership. Make sure the dating site has focused dating preference, good design, and a secure website. All the lesbian teenagers dating platforms for teenagers mentioned above have the qualities you are looking for. Just go ahead and find the one you like the most.


There you go, we have provided you with a list of websites, and the one we think is the best among them. Lesbian teenagers dating come with many fun things and have its challenges too. All you have to do is pick a website, register, and fight the stereotypes. Stereotypes are made by people who don’t understand lesbianism. Go ahead and change your dating life by using the best, fast, and simple dating platform.


Is it secure to date at the lesbian dating sites for teenagers?

The lesbian dating sites for teenagers are completely safe with data encryption.

Who are dating at the teenager's lesbian dating sites?

The women you like in your neighborhood are the ones who will be on the lesbian dating site.

How to meet singles and matches at lesbian sites for teenagers?

It is very simple. Just register, create your profile, and that is it. You are in.
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