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Reviews of the Top 10 Best Lesbian Dating Sites

If you are a female looking for the right online dating websites to find a relationship with lesbian, bisexual or bicurious females, then look no further than these ten popular and great websites specifically for lesbian women to connect and meet on a safe and hassle-free sites.

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Best Lesbian Dating Sites: Updated 2021

Make your lesbian dating fun and exciting by using these top-notch websites. Use the ones that help you find a woman who lives nearby!

Are Lesbian Dating Sites Worth Your Time?

The answer is “Yes” when you have found the right one. Lesbian dating sites narrow down the search for a woman interested in another woman. It is difficult to find a lesbian on a normal straight dating platform. Not to mention the ignorance and hate received on chats and you approach someone. Lesbian dating sites are the best to find the perfect match:

Buddygays logo


Buddygays.com is a dating platform for single gay guys to find each other. It allows you to relish your dating preferences.

  • Advanced search function for free
  • Only paid members can message
  • Safety features are top-of-the-line
  • The website has fun dating games
  • Separate functionality to find like-minded people
Flirtymature logo


Flirtymature.com is a place for seniors to find love. This British Virgin-Islands Company believes that everybody should get a shot at finding love:

  • Not specific for lesbians or gay people
  • 3-day trial available
  • Customer support is excellent
  • Free services are basic
  • The LGBT community counts for 10%
GaysGoDating logo


Have you tried Gaysgodating.com? If not, this is your time. One of the highlights of this website is that Gaysgodating.com always prioritized safety over everything else:

  • Free chatting
  • Trial period of 3 days
  • User-friendly UI
  • Compatible matches
  • Focused on gay men
Gaystryst logo


Gaytryst.com offers single men the opportunity to date either gays or bisexuals. Their plan is to link hot men in the nearby location for a steamy time:

  • Mostly for hookups
  • Texting is a paid feature
  • Communication features are limited
  • Safe Mode is available
  • Popular among gays
Iwantblacks logo


Iwantblacks.com is looking towards matching you with a single straight or gay black person living nearby. The focus is on the African-American community:

  • Not only for gays or lesbians
  • Has over 1 million members
  • Only premium members can text
  • Worldwide reach
  • No social media registration
Laymatures logo


Tried Laymatures.com yet? It is one of the best websites to give a shot. This website allows everyone interested in mature women:

  • Casual dating is the main goal
  • Not focused on lesbian datings
  • The number of members is less
  • Location tracking feature
  • Free 5 texts
Lesbiedates logo


Lesbiedates.com is an amazing dating website specially made for women seeking dating. As the name suggests, this website is for women seeking another woman as a date:

  • Any form of lesbian relationships.
  • Casual or serious dating
  • Bisexual dating is also available
  • Both free and paid services
  • Relatively new website
LesbieMates logo


Similar to the previous website, this dating platform is an exciting place for lesbians. It is a lesbians’ only website, so it is focused on LGBT only:

  • Chatroom with amazing features
  • Mostly hook ups
  • Various types of dating lesbians
  • Security features are tight
  • It is a popular but new website
Lesly app logo

Lesly app

Lesly is a dating app available for Apple and Android. Most of the other websites do not have an app yet. That is why this is the best platform for lesbian dating.

  • High ratings and positive reviews
  • Focused towards LGBT women
  • Free to download and use
  • Premium features are available
  • Excellent UI and UX
Match logo


Match.com is a website for singles looking for serious relationships. This website was created 20 years ago:

  • App available to download
  • Only paid members can send messages
  • Quite an old dating site
  • There are about 8 million premium members
  • Not focused on LGBT nor casual dating.
Mingle2 logo


Unlike the other LGBT-specific websites, mingle2.com is a website for everyone interested in dating. This site is best for straight dating:

  • 70% of the features are free
  • Quick and simple registration
  • Only complete profiles show up
  • The searching option is advanced
  • Many fake profiles
Onescene logo


Onescene.com is one of the prime websites that you can use to date a lesbian or a gay guy around you:

  • Specially made for different places
  • Log in is easy and fast
  • Dating for gay, lesbian, and bisexuals
  • Transgender dating is also a part of this
  • No ID authentication
Pinkcupid logo


Good news for all the lesbians! Pinkcupid.com is the best out there to sign up for. You can use this for dating and flirting:

  • Application is available for free-downloading
  • For messaging, you need to pay
  • Instant texting feature is present
  • About 350,000 monthly visits
  • Male members are signing up
Pinksofa logo


Have you heard about pinksofa.com? If you are a woman interested in lesbianism or bisexuality, pinksofa.com is the website to look for.

  • Focused on lesbians and bisexuals
  • Free subscription possible for free
  • Free members cannot text or receive messages
  • Application is not available
  • Present in various countries
Fem app logo

Fem app

Do you have the fem app on your mobile? Not yet! If you are a woman interested in another woman, this is the best application:

  • Free to download and use
  • Text, audio, and video chatting available
  • Meet with local and international people
  • Safe LGBT dating
  • Most parts of the website need money
Weareher logo


If you are into LGBTQ+ dating, weareher.com is the way to go. This app also received an award for dating and chatting:

  • Gives update about the LGBT events
  • Contains the Latest news about the community
  • Focused dating towards gays and lesbians
  • The app is free to download
  • Safe with regards to community guidelines
Girlfriendsmeet logo


This might be the place where you rest your search for the perfect lesbian dating site. Girlfriendsmeet.com is the app that you need:

  • Above-average site as per most reviews
  • The site has a small number of members
  • Free to use without any restrictions
  • Amazing matches
  • No app available yet
Grindr logo


With an average of 4 and 5 star ratings, this website might be the answer to your prayer. Best website for gay, bi, trans, and queer singles:

  • Most popular with the highest number of members
  • Everything is free for all members
  • large number of messages and photos
  • Location-based matches present
  • Premium members get live chat
Hornet logo


Ready for the best gay dating site? Hornet is focused on finding men interested in men only. This website does not include lesbians:

  • Present in 6 languages
  • 4 million users are found each month
  • Messaging is unlimited
  • The downside is too many ads
  • New and amazing features for new subscribers
ldate logo


Idate.com is a website to find matches for straight or gay dating in your nearby area. New member numbers are increasing by the day:

  • Finds matches quickly
  • Perfect for hookups and casual flings
  • Live notification feature
  • Paid members get suggested matches
  • Purchase coins to text

Pros and Cons of Using Lesbian Dating Sites

Those are some of the best lesbian dating sites on the internet. While most of them are focused on LGBTQ+ dating, some websites cannot control the male members from entering. Also, some are not specific websites/apps at all. They just keep the door open for any kind of relationship. While putting no restrictions is a good idea, it also creates chaos in the members’ minds. Therefore, choose a website that suits your needs perfectly.

Before choosing a lesbian dating site, you have to make sure you go through its features, ratings, and 3rd party reviews. Reviews can be sugar-coated sometimes, that's why you would want to go through reviews of the dating website on other forums or websites. Simply using Google ratings and reviews can also work.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of using a dating site. But going online is the way right now. With the world always being in a rush, you cannot wait around to find the right partner like a fairytale. Online dating helps you find the perfect lesbian quickly and efficiently. Below is a list of the pros and cons of using a lesbian website.


First of all, we will start by stating that lesbian dating websites have a narrow and focused membership. Here are some of the pros:

  • Small community - you don’t have to deal with profiles that are not into lesbians. A small community of lesbians is the best way to find the perfect match;
  • Quick matches - since you don’t have to deal with an overwhelming number of people, you get to your match faster and easier;
  • No guessing - since all the members are into lesbianism, you don't have to waste time guessing whether the person you like is even lesbian or not.


On the other hand, there are some disadvantages of these websites too. Here are a few to count:

  • No seriousness - usually, lesbian dating sites focused on hookups and casual dating, and if you want something serious, it is difficult;
  • Trying something new - if you are new to the world of LGBTQ+, you should not come to lesbians only website because here you just have one form of dating preference;
  • Cannot go back - if you tried lesbianism and you feel like going back to straight dating, it is not possible with these lesbian dating sites.

Lesbian Dating Stereotypes

Lesbian dating has suffered a lot of stereotypes. Here are some of the stereotypes you need to keep away from:

  • Lesbian don’t hang out with men, or they hate men - they don’t hate men, they don’t like to have sex with men. Romantically, they are attracted towards women only, but they can still be friends with men.
  • Being lesbian is easier - being in a lesbian relationship is equally difficult. The issues that occur in a straight relationship happen in the LGBTQ+ community too. It is never easy to figure out another human being.
  • Every lesbian relationship has a man and a woman - some women might want to act like that, but it is not always true. Most lesbians are fine with both partners being feminine.
  • Lesbians were usually sexually abused - this is one of the main stereotypes that lesbians are tired of hearing. It is not true.

Where to Look for Lesbian Singles?

You would think you can go looking for lesbian singles in clubs. The honest answer would be to find them online. It is an easier and quicker way to find them. Following are some of other places you can find single lesbians:

  • The above mentioned lesbian dating sites
  • Lesbians specific nightclubs
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Nearby park

The guarantee of finding a lesbian single can be given when you go hunting online. Since the people who are members, there are also lesbians interested in dating. The problem with the other places is that you don’t know whether the woman is lesbian or not, and you don’t know if she is interested in dating. You have to keep guessing, and you might end up being wrong and humiliated. That is why online lesbian dating sites are the best place to look for compatible singles.

How Does Lesbian Dating Sites Work?

Lesbian dating sites work on a simple function which is search, match, and flirt. Following are the steps:

  • Step 1: Login - the simplest process of all is signing up. You need to give the details that are asked. Usually, logging in requires you to give your email ID, password, gender, the gender you are interested in, and your location.
  • Step 2: Profile Creation - after verifying your email, the website will take you to another page to ask a tad more questions. Also, you will be asked to upload photos and videos of yourself.
  • Step 3: Matching - now, you can look through the other profiles and find the ones that match you. Some websites have their way of matching singles, while some have no software to match profiles.
  • Step 4: Chat and Date - after you have found a match, you can chat, flirt and date.

Should I be a Premium Member?

A premium member refers to the person who is a paid member of the website. When you pay for a membership, the restricted parts of the website are open to you. For example, a premium member can remain anonymous, or send unlimited messages, or contact other premium members. Before becoming a premium member, here are a few things to look for:

  • Number of paid vs. free services
  • If the paid services are available for free on other sites
  • How secure the website is to put your credit card details
  • If the payment is worth it
  • If the membership is affordable

Who's on Lesbian Dating Sites?

Lesbian dating sites have been around for quite a long time now. The number of permanent members is increasing by the day. Why is lesbian dating so popular? These platforms are focused on one type of dating, and thus the number of creepy members who stalk and irritate are kept at a minimum. Also, fake profiles are comparatively less as compared to non-specific dating sites. If you wish to meet the girl you like who lives in the neighborhood, you should sign up now.

Now, most of the women who are into other women or bisexuals can be found on lesbian dating sites. Also, women who recently discovered their sexuality as lesbian can be found. Women who are not sure about their dating preferences are also a part of these dating sites.

The last category of women is present on all types of dating sites. So you might find your school crush, your neighbor, or the random hot woman you met in a club on the lesbian dating site. Most of the lesbian sites accommodate both lesbians and bisexuals, but they are limited to only women. Choose a dating site carefully and relinquish your lesbian dating fantasies.

Tips to Be Successful on Lesbian Dating Sites

Have you signed up for a lesbian dating site and have no idea how to find the perfect match? Here is how you can be successful if you are new to the dating sites:

  • Picture perfect - on a dating site, pictures talk more than words. Upload 5-7 pictures and avoid group pictures and selfies.
  • Describe Yourself - in the description part of the profile; you will tell a few things about yourself. Make sure you are honest, brief, and cover the important parts.
  • Don’t text everyone - you should never send text messages to everyone you like because that is just loneliness.

Lesbian Dating Stereotypes

Whenever you want to do something different, you meet stereotypes and misconceptions. Here are a few about lesbian dating:

  • Being attracted to other women is just a phase: being a lesbian is not a phase, and this stereotype makes it difficult for women to have a meaningful relationship.
  • Lesbians don’t have to wear lingerie: women wear plenty of lingerie, especially sexy ones, to bring some action into the bedroom.
  • Lesbians secretly want a threesome: this one is by the creepy and perverts men who think lesbianism is just foreplay for a threesome.
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