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pink sofa A true online lesbian community, Pink Sofa is not just an online dating site, but also a great place for lesbians to connect with and share thoughts and ideas with other like-minded people. This is one of the somewhat pioneer online sites to band together the lesbian community on a global.

Quality of members

There are over 435,000 members on the website, and the community here is very diverse. Each member identifies with either one of these categories: Androgynous, Leather, Boi, Lesbian, Butch, Queer, Femme, Soft Butch, Lipstick, Sporty Dyke, Gay, Transman, Genderqueer, Transwoman, Intersex, and Just Me. The website is very popular globally, but of course is used more often by those in the Western and European countries. It is possible.

Website Features

Based on a free membership, a member is able to have full access to the website and this includes their classified listings, forums and even listings for housing and accommodation. There is a very solidly built social network system, and interactivity with other member like tagging favourite profiles, conducting a member profile search as well as seeing a list of those online.

The online forum could be the most interesting part of the website. There are numerous discussions by lesbians for lesbians, and this fosters a very inclusive community. On the other hand, to be able to communicate with others requires a paid membership, and upon joining as one, members can then proceed to send emails or engage in instant chats.

Membership Costs

For such an all-inclusive and dynamic experience, Pink Sofa seems to have a value for money membership cost as compared to others in the market, even though it might seem like a little bit costly to be a premium member. Membership starts at around US$30 for one month, US$60 for 3 months, US$90 for 6 months, and US$120 for 1 years.

Personal Data Privacy

Pink Sofa has an excellent privacy policy and they ensure that your information collected through the website is not shown or sold to any third parties. The site thoughtfully lists down the type of information that is obtained from their users are how they apply that information for their own use. The great part about this is if a member decides to delete her account, the information from that account will only be retained for a period of up to 1 month before it is deleted as well. This ensures that your information will not be lurking around.


If you’re looking for a great site to make friends and get to know more about the diverse lesbian community, the Pink Sofa is a great place to start. The community is very fun and interactive and the moderators are very active on the site as well, ensuring that it is a fun and conducive place to make connections with others.

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