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one scene An innovative new dating site for the LGBT community, OneScene is a fun and exciting social and dating networking site that is particularly popular with the younger population of the community.

Quality of members

OneScene touts to have 100,000 members on their site which means that there is a great pool of people to interactive with online. Many of the people are based in many locations internationally, thus making this a truly global page. A quick glance shows many beautiful and attractive members on the website with genuine-looking pictures. This is a great start.

Website Features

The process starts with a page-by page profile set-up, where the user is made to fill in details for their profile. This can take up a bit of time, but is a very rather simple process to carry out. Members can also pick out a cover image to personalise their profile.

The website allows free members to view other profiles (this is limited if you are a standard member), and add other people as fiends as well. It is possible to search for other members, but usually clicking on the search button alone will already showcase all the members available close to you. Members are even able to check if the other are online or has been online recently through a handy coloured dot which can be seen on the profile.

Other than this, the website is quite a basic dating site that focuses on finding new people and communicating with them.

Membership Costs

Upon joining, members will be given a free 14-day trial of a premium account membership. This is a great way to figure out if the website is a great fit for your needs and is a great offer even if it is for a short while. Thereafter, members can choose if they would like to continue experiencing the unlimited perks of the messaging, search features of the website.

Personal Data Privacy

The website has a guarantee that all data collected from members will not be sold to third parties unless the authorities have requested for it. The profiles of every member are visible to the public including on search engines, but there is an option to be omitted from this by changing privacy settings on the website. Do note that if a member chooses to edit an account, the information collected from that account will be kept until the company deems it unnecessary.


If you are part of the younger lesbian crowd, OneScene can be great for you to find someone around the same age as you. The website is very easy to use and even though it is a basic set-up, it can also be an excellent place to meet new people online. However, as evident, it is not a website solely for lesbians only, so more effort is needed to sieve through the profiles.

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