Tips to Avoid STD for Lesbians

Whether you like it or not, gay women are also prone to STDs or sexually transmitted diseases because of certain activities and behaviors. Normally, this is acquired by means of sexual activities that men and women do. Most specifically, there are specific STD signs in gay women that one must be aware of in order that it could immediately diagnosed and cured.

It is important to keep in mind specific guidelines in order that you can avoid getting any types of STD. Usually, the symptoms and signs of STDs are mild and subtle. Because of this, a lot of gay women find it hard to know that they have already a certain infection. Most times, there are already relatively some complications prior to finally knowing that they already infected.

Gay women can get specific infection not just gay and straight men can acquire when they don’t practice safe sex. Once this happen sometimes it is hard to know that a person is already infected due to the mildness of the signs. When you already has a feeling that you are infected with an STD, it is highly advisable to right away seek a medical opinion. But before that, knowing the tips on how to keep away from STD is beneficial.

Top Tips to Avoid STDs for Gay Women

1.If you like to share sex toys, use a condom. Get rid of the condom and exchange it with a new one prior to using the sex toy to your partner or another person.

2.Gloves or a finger cot offer safety in the event of sores or chafing on the fingers and hands. Keep nails well-trimmed in order to lessen the chance of injuring vinyl or latex.

3.Basic personal hygiene could avoid many ills, a shower or a bath is a good step prior to sex however never brush teeth right away beforehand because it could encourage bleeding.

4.Intoxicants like alcohol could be fun, and assist you pick up the nerve to talk to the beautiful lady near your table, however could also cloud the judgement and individuals are less likely to practice safer sex if under the influence.

5.See your doctor for examination when have any doubtful signs. Such signs include change in the vaginal discharge, pain while pissing or during sex, sores surrounding the genitals and mouth, bleeding at unusual moments or between your menstrual periods.

6.Honesty is one of the best ways to avoid STDs that every gay woman should know. You do not have to hide your condition to your loved ones or partner. If you think you have already infected with STD, when dating with herpes or other STDs, please tell her the truth. If she loves you, she will understand you. You don’t have to be selfish. And if you love your partner you will protect her from possible infection. This is considered the effective way of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.

STDs is common nowadays, not only for straight men and women but also for gay men and women. This can be avoided by means of following the tips above.

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