How To Tell If You’re Gay, Bisexual Or Straight?


Sexuality is fluid. A lot of people hear this sentence and find themselves confused: what does that mean? Sexuality is a fluid, like water? Why does that sentence affect me? In simpler terms, sexuality is something that can change. One day you could wake up feeling like kissing a boy, while the next you might see a girl and want to know more, which is all perfectly okay. There are many tips and tricks to understanding your sexuality, whether you’re confused or out in the open with your questions.

One of the most rewarding, but also hardest tricks to try is allowing yourself to take your time. Sometimes ideas, concerns and questions come to you in a haze, but little do you know at the time, that the answers always come at some point too. Within a couple of years a lot of your worries and concerns will work out.

They say patience is a virtue for a reason, probably because it’s so hard, so there’s definitely more ways to try to understand your identity if you want answers a bit quicker, as long as you keep in mind that it’s not a question that needs an urgent answer. Whether you’re a male or female, being gay is something that is simply felt. If they idea that you might be into the same sex pops into your head, there’s a pretty good chance you might be bisexual or gay. A lot of people say they could never imagine themselves spending the rest of their lives with somebody of the same sex and consider themselves straight for that reason alone, but it’s important to realize how normal homosexuality is in today’s world. Since the majority of people are used to see heterosexual relationships on movies and in the mainstream media, imagining a life where you are considered outside of the norm can be hard to manage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not possible for you.

Another way to figure out if you are gay or bisexual, truly, is to think about your attraction. If you are a girl, when you look at a girl, what do you think? Do you notice girls as often as you notice boys? Do you ever notice boys? If you are a young boy, do you notice girls or boys more? Beyond attraction is the connection you feel with members of the same sex and the opposite sex. Some people feel attraction to all sexes, but only feel the connection needed to have a relationship with one or the other. Since you will never really know what connection you have, the only way to discover if you’re gay, bisexual or straight is to try it out. Go on dates with girls and boys and decide whether or not you get the butterflies in your stomach and nervousness that makes you crave more.

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